What Does A Termite Colony Do In the Fall?

What Does A Termite Colony Do In the Fall?

When the weather starts to cool, many animals start the hibernation process. Bears, groundhogs, and even chipmunks bid farewell to the colorful leaves and settle in for a long winter’s nap. Fortunately for humans, there are several insects that hibernate as well. Unfortunately for people in Rockwall, TX, termites are not one of them.

You Might Not See Them In The Winter

As much as you wish they would, termite colonies do not go to sleep and take a break from wreaking havoc in homes and businesses in the colder months. All species of termites stay active throughout the fall and winter, though you might not see them as often as you would in the spring. Termites prefer warmer temperatures, so they build nests and stay 25 to 30 feet down in the ground where the average temperature is typically a consistent 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermites will only go into the ground, however, if they cannot find what they need indoors. If they can spend the winter inside, they’d prefer it over burrowing in the soil. A termite colony will be content to set themselves up in your home or office as long as they can find their basic necessities:





It’s still not likely that you will see the worker termites of the colony busily working inside the wood in your home. Until the spring comes. This is when then swarms prepare for their big day.

When Does The Swarming Begin?

Termites typically begin to swarm in the spring or very early summer in Rockwall, TX. The exact timing of their appearance depends on the weather conditions and the maturity of the termite colony. It’s not impossible, however, for some species of termite to swarm in the fall, but it all depends on the environment and conditions.

During the swarming period, the mature termites of the colony will fly off to mate and form new termite colonies. There is no specific age when a termite matures, so if it happens in the fall, you might see a few swam out into the world. Sometimes, large colonies break up into multiple new colonies, and this can cause them to swarm at any time of the year as well.

It’s important to stay diligent when it comes to termites. Just because the leaves are coming down, it doesn’t mean you can let your guard down with these pesky insects. Lessen your chances of unpleasant surprises by maintaining termite control methods and setting up a home termite inspection.

Take Care Of The Problem Early

If you think that you have a termite colony that’s ready to enjoy your home or business this fall, contact a specialist to set up a pest control plan and handle any immediate problems. Protecting homes and businesses in Rockwall, TX is what Tech Force Pest Control has been doing for years. Contact us today before the cold weather, and the termites, really settle in.

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