5 Common Fall Pests

5 Common Fall Pests

Colder Temperatures Send Everyone Indoors

Fall is the time when the temperatures get cooler. Habits and activities change, affecting people, animals, and even insects. Some animals head to their dens to spend the cold months asleep, while others head into your home to ride out the winter in warmth. Avoid an infestation by keeping an eye out for these common fall pests as they become more visible in and around your Rockwall home.

The Best Of The Pests


This is the time of year when bees get the busiest. They each have their jobs to do to get ready for the fall and winter. Honeybees get busy collecting nutrients from late-blooming flowers while wasps become more noticeable as they start filling up on carbohydrate-rich foods instead of the usual proteins. Bees are very beneficial insects, so avoid swatting them and contact a specialist to have them removed.


Cockroaches, on the other hand, are not very beneficial. They are persistent, though, and will start moving indoors when the weather cools in search of food, water, and warmth. Take steps to prevent infestation by:

De-cluttering your home

Fixing plumbing leaks

Keeping food stored in tightly closed containers

Removing trash daily

Sealing gaps and cracks where they can enter the home


These are one of the insects that hibernate, so you might see them all over in the fall as they prepare for the winter. If you find a lady beetle, boxelder bug, or stink bug in your home,  vacuum them up and take steps to prevent more from coming inside. You’ll often find them outside near the warmest areas of your home, so seal up cracks to keep them out.


These pests are just like other rodents and insects looking for a place to stay warm this winter.  Keep them out by sealing up cracks and gaps that lead into your home, covering outdoor vents, repairing holes in window and door screens, and installing weather stripping. It’s also a good idea to remove piles of debris like plants, leaves, or other vegetation around the exterior of your Rockwall home so they don’t have a place to hide.


This is a species that stays busy in the fall. You can knock down a web in the evening, only to find a new one in place by morning. Many spiders are at their largest in the fall, and females are laying their eggs before they die. Spiders can reduce the other pests that are common around your home, so if you see them inside, contact a specialist for recommendations.

Getting The Bugs Out

As the weather gets colder in Rockwall, you’ll be weatherproofing your home to prepare for the winter. If you need assistance with insect proofing, Tech Force Pest Control can help. We make sure that no one gets in that isn’t invited; and that anyone who has gotten in goes right back out. Contact us for your fall pest control needs today.

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